Mega Skywars waiting Lobby

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Mega is played with 100 players, with players split up into teams of 5. The maps are much larger than Solo and Team mode maps. Mega Mode also has unique kits and perks separate from Solo, Teams and Ranked. Cross-teaming (joining up with another team) is not allowed in Mega mode, and it is encouraged to report those who do so.

Maps Edit

  • Finale
  • Maereen
  • Northern
  • Shrooms

Perks Edit

Perks in mega are incredibly expensive compared to solo or teams perks.

All mega perks cost:

Level 1- Found in soul well.

Level 2- 25000 coins.

Level 3- 50000

Level 4- 100000

Level 5- 125000

Necromancer and Black Magic cost:

Level 1- Found in soul well.

Level 2- 50000

Level 3- 150000

Level 4- 200000

Level 5- 250000

Nourishment, Instant smelting, and Marksmanship are found in the soul well and cannot be upgraded.