There are 45 Achievements in Smash Heroes, giving a total of 420 Achievement Points.

Achievements Edit

Name Description Points
Hero Slayer I Kill 50 enemy heroes 5
Hero Slayer II Kill 250 enemy heroes 10
Hero Slayer III Kill 1000 enemy heroes 15
Hero Slayer IV Kill 5000 enemy heroes 20
Hero Slayer V Kill 15000 enemy heroes 25
Smashing! I Win 10 games 5
Smashing! II Win 50 games 10
Smashing! III Win 250 games 15
Smashing! IV Win 1000 games 20
Smashing! V Win 2500 games 25
Smash Champion I Reach Smash Level 20 5
Smash Champion II Reach Smash Level 100 10
Smash Champion III Reach Smash Level 300 15
Smash Champion IV Reach Smash Level 500 20
Smash Champion V Reach Smash Level 1000 25
Handyman I Purchae and unlock 1 Heroes 5
Handyman II Purchase and unlock 5 Heroes 10
Handyman III Purchase and unlock 9 Heroes 15
Supremacy Win a game without dying once 5
Botmon Challenge Hit the same hero 3 times with your Botmobile before your crystal ability ends 5
Cake Monster Challenge Kill an enemy hero with Defecake 5
Cryomancer Challenge Slow 2 enemies heroes with a single Frostbolt 5
Domination Kill 6 enemy heroes in one game 5
The Peak Reach level 20 with a hero 10
Two For One Smash 2 or more enemy heroes with the same skill 10
Void Crawler Challenge Kill 3 enemy heroes with a single Shadow Fury 5
Reaching the Stars Prestige a Hero 5 times 15
Marauder Challenge Hit 3 or more enemy heroes with a single Grip 5
Teamwork at its Finest Win a Team game with 8 kills total without losing a life 5
I NEED THEM ALL! Find 2 Smash Crystals in a game 5
Second Round! Pick up a Smash Crystal within 5 seconds after using your Smash 5
Tinman Challenge Kill an enemy hero with your Overload Passive 5
Karakot Challenge Kill 2 enemy heroes while in True Power mode 5
Reaching the Sky Prestige a Hero 10
Spooderman Challenge Kill an enemy hero with a Spooder Kick just after hitting them with a Web Shot from 15 blocks away 5
Get Over Here! Pull an enemy hero back from the void using Marauder's Grip 5
Bulk Challenge Hit 3 enemy heroes simultaneously with any of Bulk's abilities 5
Experience Express Use an EXP Booster 5
Skullfire Challenge Hit an enemy hero with every bullet in your clip without missing 5
Botmon Versus Spooderman! Kill Botmon using Spooderman, or vice-versa 5
Young Apprentice, You are not Unlock a Master Skin for a Hero 10
Too Easy Win a game without using a Smash ability 5
General Cluck Challenge Kill every enemy hero at least once with your Chicken Army 5

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