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Speed UHC is a quicker version of UHC.

Some examples are:

if you break a block of wood on a tree, the whole tree will fall and convert into planks

Killing an animal will give you cooked meat of its type

Breaking a mushroom will give you mushroom soup

crafting a pickaxe with three iron and sticks will give you a diamond pickaxe, applies to all tools and weapons

Breaking sugarcane will give you potions of swiftness

and much more.

Try and survive the longest. After a while, the world border will start closing in on you and you must make it to the nether portals in time to survive. Then idk wat happens next SOMEONE PLZ ADD IT FOR ME

General Edit

  • Tears are gained from kills.
  • You can spin the Tear Well after you get 20 Tears.
  • You can win Salt from the Tear Well.
  • Salt can be used to buy kits.

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