"Due 2 n unfortunate accidnet, spooderman became who he iz aftur gettin bit by a spooder. dis caused him 2 gain incredible abilities at teh cost of brain funcshun. with graet powr comes graet reshponsibility."

Spooder Kick Edit

This ability propels Spooderman slightly forward, and damages anyone in that path. (The same thing as Cake Monster's Swing Pin and Void Crawler's Void Slash, with a few slight differences. It has a cool down of 2 seconds, and deals 8 damage. One thing to note is that Spooder Kick knocks opponents downwards, rather than the usual upwards. This can lead to easy spikes on enemies with low health.

Web Shot Edit

Spooderman shoots out a web, sending him towards where he shot it. However, if he hits someone with it, it swings the player hit with it towards Spooderman instead. The player will also take 10 damage. Web Shot normally has a 4 second cooldown, but if it connects with another player then its cooldown is 1.5 seconds.

Spooder Mastery Edit

This ability allows Spooderman to climb walls with (crouch). This is done by holding shift next to a wall. It is helpful for recovery, however it can be glitchy. It also costs energy, which regenerates over time. Also, on every fifth melee hit, he summons a spooder buddy to help in combat for 10 seconds.

Spooder Buddies (Smash Ability) Edit

Spooderman summons all his spooder friends to aid him in his battle. The spiders deal good knockback, and while easy to avoid, you can pull enemies into the mass with Web Shot. Spooder Buddies lasts 20 seconds.

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