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TNT Run is a jump 'n run game mode, which was released along with the two other original TNT Games game modes; Wizards and Bow Spleef.

There are currently 4 TNT Run maps to choose from.

Gameplay Edit

TNT Run is about, as the name says, running and jumping. While you are running, the blocks you ran on disappear with a brief delay. There are multiple floors to run on; the lowest floor being the last floor above the void. The goal is to be the last player running.

Perks and consumables Edit

There are several perks & items, which can help you winning the game:

Double Jump Edit

With the Double Jump, you can jump twice in a row. This is useful for getting to a higher floor again or to get on blocks you can't reach with jumping.

Here is a list of the upgrade costs:

DoubleJump level amount of DJs cost
Level 0 1 Double Jump nothing
Level 1 2 Double Jumps 100
Level 2 3 Double Jumps 400
Level 3 4 Double Jumps 1500
Level 4 5 Double Jumps 4000
Level 5 6 Double Jumps 8500
Level 6 7 Double Jumps 15600
Level 7 8 Double Jumps 25900
Level 8 9 Double Jumps 40000
Level 9 10 Double Jumps 58500

Potions Edit

You can also buy drinkable speed potions, which give you Speed 1 (+20% speed) on use, and splashable slowness potions, which gives everyone it hits Slowness 1 (-15% speed), but be careful; it can hit yourself, too! You can buy both potions for 30 coins each in the lobby shop of TNT Games.

Maps (WIP) Edit

This is work in progress, sorry!

Achievements Edit

Achievement How to get Achievement Points
Unbroken sprinting Win a game of TNT Run 5
Quick Feet Purchase a speed potion 5
TNT Walk Win TNT Run without sprinting 10
Win x games of TNT Run Win TNT Run x times 5-25; 75 in total
--------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ----------------------------
Total Achievement Points you can get: 95

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