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TNT Run is a jump 'n run game mode, which was released along with the two other original TNT Games game modes; Wizards and Bow Spleef.

Gameplay Edit

TNT Run is about, as the name says, running and jumping. While you are running, the blocks you ran on disappear with a brief delay. There are multiple floors to run on; the lowest floor being the last floor above the void. The goal is to be the last player running.


A glitch happening in TNT Run

Perks and consumables Edit

There are several perks & items, which can help you winning the game:

Double Jump Edit

With the Double Jump, you can jump twice in a row. This is useful for getting to a higher floor again or to get on blocks you can't reach with jumping.

Here is a list of the upgrade costs:

DoubleJump level amount of DJs cost
Level 0 1 Double Jump nothing
Level 1 2 Double Jumps 100
Level 2 3 Double Jumps 400
Level 3 4 Double Jumps 1500
Level 4 5 Double Jumps 4000
Level 5 6 Double Jumps 8500
Level 6 7 Double Jumps 15600
Level 7 8 Double Jumps 25900
Level 8 9 Double Jumps 40000
Level 9 10 Double Jumps 58500

Potions Edit

You can also buy drinkable speed potions, which give you Speed 1 (+20% speed) on use, and splashable slowness potions, which gives everyone it hits Slowness 1 (-15% speed), but be careful; it can hit yourself, too! You can buy both potions for 30 coins each in the lobby shop of TNT Games.

Maps Edit

  • Atior
  • Greenbelt
  • Heather
  • Ice Fortress
  • Mars
  • Pacific
  • Quadral
  • Relic
  • Templar
  • Trona

Achievements Edit

Achievement How to get Achievement Points
Unbroken sprinting Win a game of TNT Run 5
Quick Feet Purchase a speed potion 5
TNT Walk Win TNT Run without sprinting 10
Win x games of TNT Run Win TNT Run x times 5-25; 75 in total
--------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ----------------------------
Total Achievement Points you can get: 95