In short, the Delivery man is here as a way for us to give our players presents and other cool stuff in game. Be on the lookout for once off deliveries on special days!

The Delivery Man was introduced to Hypixel on May 1, 2015. It made it easier for people to vote, receive monthly bonuses, and link their accounts. You can access him in any lobby near the game signs. He currently has 10 delivery boxes, of which five can only be claimed and one is a permanent reward.

Below you can find all information on the rewards you find inside the Delivery Man.


Mystery Boxes Delivery Edit

Delivery Boxes-0

The top row of deliveries in the Delivery Man is dedicated to monthly deliveries. The deliveries go as follows:

  • Default Rank
    • 1 Mystery Box (random amount of stars)
  • VIP Rank
    • 5 Mystery Boxes (random amount of stars)
  • VIP+ Rank
    • 5 Mystery Boxes (random amount of stars)
  • MVP Rank
    • 5 Mystery Boxes (random amount of stars)
  • MVP+ Rank
    • 5 Mystery Boxes (random amount of stars)

This delivery is available once a month for the indicated ranks once claimed.

Vote Deliveries Edit

Players may vote once or twice a day. The reward for voting is 5,000 exp, and 3,000 arcade coins per vote. This box resets daily and can be used by all players. The known voting sites are as follows:

  • Minecraft MCS (
  • Minecraft MS (
  • Minecraft Forum (
  • Minecraft MP (
  • Minecraft-Servers-List (
  • ServerPact (
  • Minecraft IP List (
  • Minetrack (

This delivery is available every 24 hours once claimed.

Daily Reward Edit

Daily Rewards can grant you access to things such as Coins, SkyWars Souls, Mystery Dust, Hypixel Experience, Reward Tokens and Mystery Boxes.

Daily Rewards are done over a web-link on the Hypixel Server website. Before claiming your reward you must watch an ad, or if you have bought VIP, VIP+, MVP ,MVP+ or MVP++ you can skip the ad. Once you have watched the ad an animation will appear where you will then be prompted to open your Daily Reward, once opening it 3 cards will display, you hover your mouse over each card. You can claim only one reward out of the three cards.

You can claim a Daily Reward every 24 hours once claimed.

For a more detailed guide view this thread on the Hypixel forums.

2,000 XP Delivery Edit

By clicking on this box, players can earn a free daily reward of 2,000 experience points and 3,000 Hyixel Coins. This delivery is available every 24 hours once claimed.

Website Link Edit

Link your account to the Hypixel website and receive the Creeperbook achievement.This delivery is a permanent delivery and can't be claimed again.

Booster Deliveries Edit

You can claim a two hour 3x booster by liking the Hypixel Facebook page. This delivery is a permanent delivery and can't be claimed again.

Holiday Boxes Edit

During holidays such as Halloween, Christmas and Summer the Hypixel team will add holiday boxes which will give you one Mystery Box every 1 or 2 days. In these special Mystery Boxes you can unlock special holiday collectibles that have been added for that holiday.

These boxes will appear on the very top and bottom of the Delivery Man menu at Halloween, Christmas and Summer holidays. They can sometimes appear for Valentines and other holidays.

More of these boxes are available to donators.