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TNTGames is a collection of small, original TNT-based minigames in an arcade-style, not very competitive but very fun.

The TNT GamesEdit

TNTGames ShopEdit

Perks & ConsumablesEdit

TNT Run-

Splash Speed Potion (30 coins) One Use

Splash Slow Potion (30 coins) One Use

Double Jumps (Increasing Cost) Up to 10 double jumps per game.


Quest Master Edit

Type Title Description Reward
Daily TNT Gamer Play 3 games of TNT Games 2000 xp, 1500 TNT Games coins, 10 Hypixel Credits
TNT Winner Win a game of TNT Games 2000 xp, 1500 TNT Games coins, 10 Hypixel Credits
Weekly Explosive Fanatic Play 20 games of TNT Games 10000 xp, 10000 TNT Games coins, 125 Hypixel Credits


  • The TNT Games were delayed several times before finally added.
  • TNT Tag was added with the only announcement being codename_b 's twitter.
  • The minigame Bomberman was supposed to be released soon after TNTGames' initial launch, but it was scrapped after VIP testing.

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