There are 33 Achievements in The Walls, giving a total of 365 Achievement Points.

Achievements Edit

The 33 Achievements are:

Name Description Points
Walls Slayer I Kill 10 players 5
Walls Slayer II Kill 50 players 10
Walls Slayer III Kill 250 players 15
Walls Slayer IV Kill 1000 players 20
Walls Slayer V Kill 2500 players 25
Walls Warrior I Win 10 games 5
Walls Warrior II Win 50 games 10
Walls Warrior III Win 100 games 15
Walls Warrior IV Win 250 games 20
Walls Warrior V Win 500 games 25
Walls Banker I Earn 5000 coins in The Walls 5
Walls Banker II Earn 10000 coins in The Walls 10
Walls Banker III Earn 35000 coins in The Walls 15
Walls Banker IV Earn 55000 coins in The Walls 20
Walls Banker V Earn 75000 coins in The Walls 25
Pyromaniac Craft Flint and Steel 5
Zombie pigmen EVERYWHERE!? Make a Nether Portal in Walls 5
Stick Together Win a game with no deaths on your team 15
Conan the Barbarian Get the Berserk perk to level 3 10
MOAR!! Unlock 15 Starter Kits 15
Avenged! Kill a player that has killed one of your teammates 5
Oh Canada! Get the Canadian Starter Kit 5
Disaster Get ten kills in one game 10
Horse Tamer Ride a Horse after the walls fall 5
This isn't VampireZ Get the Vampirism perk to level 3 10
Engineer Obtain TNT, Pressure Plate, Lava Bucket and a Piston 5
Kevin Kool'd Catch a Fish 5
Getting Ready Unlock your first Starter Kit 5
Getting Stronger Unlock your first perk 5
Gem + Sticks = Kills Obtain a Diamond Sword 10
Sole Survivor Win a game as the last survivor on your team 10
Castaway Craft a Boat 5
This is SPARTA Kill a player by hitting them off a cliff 10

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