"We have always been taught and shown that iron is stronger than tin. But is it really? Tinman is here to prove otherwise!"

Hero Abilities Edit

Shoot Laser Edit

This ability is the Tinman's main damage source and it does 2 damage per laser. The laser gun can shoot 12 lasers before it has to reload. The projectiles are minorly inaccurate. The laser gun can not be reloaded manually and will be automatically reloaded once all of the lasers have been shot. After 5 hits on enemy Heroes with the laser gun, the ability Rocket Punch will be available to use.

Rocket Punch Edit

This ability becomes available after landing 5 shots from your laser gun. This ability does major damage and some knockback if hit on an enemy. This ability does splash damage but applies less damage than a direct hit that might cause 12 damage. The Rocket Punch projectile moves slower than the Shoot Laser projectile.

Homing Missiles Edit

This ability is the Tinman's smash ability. When used, the Tinman fires 6 missiles into the air. Every missile cause 7 damage. After 5 seconds the missiles strike enemy heroes and deal damage and knockback. The missiles can be stopped if it hits a block.

Overload Edit

When this ability is used, 70 energy is spent and the Tinman is blasted into the air while dealing 4 damage and large knockback to enemy heroes. Wow!

Tips and Tricks Edit

  • Tinman is notorious for being easily juggled due to his overload ability sending him high into the sky. To avoid this, immediately after using overload, use deez nutz to avoid going too high.
  • After firing Homing Missles, most people will hide under a roof to avoid getting hit. Use this time to spam them with lasers and rocket punch while they're hiding under a roof, or you can even use the knockback effect to send your enemies back to the uncovered place.
  • Use rocket punch where you think someone will land after a double jump. This is the most accurate way of hitting this ability.
  • Although overload seems like it should be used for mobility, it's main use is for recovering and for knockback. Use overload near someone to send them flying away.