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Turbo Kart Racers is a fully fledged racing game inside Minecraft which puts you in the driver seat in a furious race against 11 other players. During the game you can pick up boxes that give you certain advantages in the race.

The game has 15 different kart skins to choose from; you can customize and upgrade your kart with different particle trails, sounds, engines and more!


Resource PackEdit

The Resource Pack in Turbo Kart Racers is completely custom, adding an extremely large amount of changes to Minecraft's regular textures. The Karts and racing gear have been designed by Sphax, who is most known for his work on the Sphax PureBDCraft texture pack. The filesize of the resource pack is about 1.4MB. If you experience lag or frame rate drops, visit the thread on the Turbo Kart Racers Resource Pack for more info.


Particle Quality Edit

Particle Quality is an option in the shop (represented by a Nether Star) that allows the player to choose the magnitude of particles present in game. There are 3 choices: Low, Medium, and High. Medium and Low reduces the amount of particles you can see, whereas High shows all particles ingame. If you experience framerate lag, it is recommended that you set particle quality to either "Low" or "Medium".

Particle Trail Selector Edit

The Particle Trail Selector is an option in the bottom right of the shop, indicated by the white-blue particles coming from the bottom right of a square. The particles in question come out from the 'exhaust' of your Kart. This is cosmetic only. All Particles are VIP Rank Exclusive.

Check the Minecraft Wiki for the particles in question.

Name Particle Price
Rainbowz Rainbow Explode 69420
Red Dust Red Explode 1000
Hearts 3000
Green Magic 2500
Purple Magic 2500
Flames Trail 5000
Slime Trail Slime 5000
Lava Burst Lava 17000
Dark Smoke 3500


Item SystemEdit

Racing SystemEdit


Custom PartsEdit

Music SelectionEdit



Turbo Kart Racers ShopEdit

Helmet pooperEdit

Racing SuitsEdit

Kart CustomizerEdit

Particle QualityEdit


Shown here are all of your parts, and their stats, not on your kart, and you have the ability to scrap them for coins.

Part RollerEdit

Part CrafterEdit

Music SelectionEdit

Selecting this will allow you to toggle music on and off for the pregame lobby, the end game, and individually for each course separately.

Kart Skin SelectorEdit

===Particle Trail Selector MVP+ ONLY Selecting this will allow you to buy/choose 1 of 9 various Particle Trails.===

Name Cost
Rainbowz Trail 21000
Red Dust Trail 1000
Hearts Trail 3000
Green Magic Trail 2500
Purple Magic Trail 2500
Flames Trail 5000
Slime Trail 5000
Lava Burst Trail 17000
Dark Smoke Trail 3500

Tips & TricksEdit





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