There are 54 Achievements in UHC Champions, giving a total of 585 Achievement Points.

Achievements Edit

The 44 Achievements are:

Name Description Points
Champion I Win 1 game 5
Champion II Win 10 games 10
Champion III Win 50 games 15
Champion IV Win 100 games 20
Champion V Win 250 games 25
Moving up in life I Obtain Initiate Title 5
Moving up in life II Obtain Soldier Title 10
Moving up in life III Obtain Sergeant Title 15
Moving up in life IV Obtain Knight Title 20
Moving up in life V Obtain Centurion Title 25
Hunter I Kill 10 players 5
Hunter II Kill 100 players 10
Hunter III Kill 500 players 15
Hunter IV Kill 1000 players 20
Hunter V Kill 2000 players 25
Bounty I Earn 1000 coins 5
Bounty II Earn 25000 coins 10
Bounty III Earn 75000 coins 15
Bounty IV Earn 250000 coins 20
Bounty V Earn 500000 coins 25
Tablets of Destiny Craft the Tablets of Destiny 10
Robin Hood Kill a player with a bow, over 100 blocks away 15
Exodus Craft the Exodus 10
Dice of God Craft the Dice of God 10
I only like seafood Obtain a fish from fishing 5
Epic music please? Ride a Horse 5
Adrenaline Eat a player head 5
Bomberman Kill an Enemy with TNT 5
This is where the fun begins Craft an Ultimate Recipe 10
Eldorado Craft a Notch Apple 10
Duex Ex Machina Craft the Duex Ex Machina 10
Total domination Be the player with the most kills at the end of the game 5
Drink with caution Drink a potion 5
This is only the first one Unlock a Ultimate Crafting 10
Crafting revolution Use a custom recipe in game 5
Lovely shiny rock Mine a diamond 5
Oh Daddy pleaaase, I want a puppy!! Tame a wolf 5
Make music not war! Craft a Jukebox and play a music disk 5
Rampage Kill 10 players in a single game 10
Death's Scythe Craft the Death's Scythe 10
Chest of Fate Craft the Chest of Fate 10
Bye cruel world! Enter the Nether 5
A good Ghast is a dead Ghast Kill a Ghast 10
Encounter of the Enderkind Kill an Enderman 10

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