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Ultimate Skill are some of the most damaging and useful abilities in Arena Brawl. You can right-click the orange dye in-game to use your Ultimate skill, but only after roughly 58 seconds of the game has played out. In addition, each player can only use their Ultimate Skill once.

Shield Wall

  • Cost: Free
  • Shop Icon: Iron Chestplate

Description : Reduces damage taken by 65% for 9 seconds.

Tips :


  • Cost: 1200 coins
  • Shop Icon: Redstone

Description : Doubles your melee damage and increases your movement speed by 30% for 15 seconds.

Tips :

Reflect Damage

  • Cost: 25000 coins
  • Shop Icon: Iron Ingot

Description : Reduces damage taken by 50% for 10 seconds and reflects 50% damage back to your attacker for the duration.

Tips :


  • Cost: 25000 coins
  • Shop Icon: Spider Egg

Description : Summons a large spider that will chase down and poison the targeted enemy player, dealing 198 damage over 6 seconds. When slain, the Broodmother spawns 4 spiderlings that deal 5 damage each per attack.

Max Range: 20

Broodmother Health: 5

Spiderling Health: 2

Tips :

Doom Shroom

  • Cost: 35000 coins
  • Shop Icon: Dirt Block

Description : Plants a giant mushroom that will damage all enemies within 15 blocks for 20 damage per seconds while it grows. Once grown, the mushroom will let out a final burst of 400 damage and destroys all structures. Can be destroyed by melee hits.

Tips :