Just wanted to say I'm back after a small Christmas break. Expect daily edits from me. :)

I'm also copy-pasting page backups into a txt. Meaning if a troll removes a page. I can easily put it back as soon as I see it.

Also requesting removal of one page: - Walls (we already have a page called 'The Walls' which has more info.)

Also requesting renaming of a few pages:

- Gamemodes (should be called 'Minigames')

- Creeper (Mega Walls) (should be called 'Creeper Class (Mega Walls)'

- Spider (should be called 'Spider Class (Mega Walls)'

- Enderman (should be called 'Enderman Class (Mega Walls)'

- Herobrine (should be called 'Herobrine Class (Mega Walls)'

- Dreadlord (should be called 'Dreadlord Class (Mega Walls)'

- Armorer (should be called 'Armorer Kit (Blitz SG)'

- MeatMaster (should be called 'MeatMaster Kit (Blitz SG)'

- Hunter (should be called 'Hunter Kit (Blitz SG)'

- Fisherman (should be called 'Fishman Kit (Blitz SG)'

- Speleologist (should be called 'Speleologist Kit (Blitz SG')

It makes it easier to understand and it well less confuse wikia users in the future.

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