The server is popular. The wiki is not. Why is it like that?

Well, simply because almost everything on the server is self-explanatory, and even if a player needs help, there are enough other sources to get information except this wiki: the signs & holograms ingame, other players (especially helpers) and the Hypixel forum. And the Hypixel forum is a really good source of information actually.

Also... we just don't have that much information. And it feels like 50% of the information we actually have is outdated. But of course that's because the wiki is quite unpopular, since else there would be more editors.

Then, some stuff is just not well done here. Like Warlords, I couldn't even read that, it's just a big wall of text. Some important things are just not written down there or is "hidden". For example, if you're new to Warlords, you may want to know how to level up. You couldn't look that up here. - You may want to know what void shards & magic dust is; that's hidden somewhere in the "Weapons" part. The heading void shards & magic dust just leads to the table how much you get for salvaging the weapons.

That's just something that makes this wiki very unattractive in contrast to the well-written guides of the Hypixel forum.

So now we're coming to why we're doing this here; of course for fun aaand to make this wiki more attractive as a source of information.


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