In VampireZ, there are a total of 35 Achievements giving a total of 405 Achievement Points

Achievements Edit

The 35 Achievements are:

Name Description Points
VampireZ Banker I Earn 10000 coins in VampireZ 5
VampireZ Banker II Earn 20000 coins in VampireZ 10
VampireZ Banker III Earn 55000 coins in VampireZ 15
VampireZ Banker IV Earn 75000 coins in VampireZ 20
VampireZ Banker V Earn 150000 coins in VampireZ 25
Vampire Hunter I Kill 10 Vampires 5
Vampire Hunter II Kill 100 Vampires 10
Vampire Hunter III Kill 500 Vampires 15
Vampire Hunter IV Kill 1000 Vampires 20
Vampire Hunter V Kill 2500 Vampires 25
Survivor I Win 1 game as a Survivor 5
Survivor II Win 10 games as a Survivor 10
Survivor III Win 50 games as a Survivor 15
Survivor IV Win 100 games as a Survivor 20
Survivor V Win 150 games as a Survivor 25
Blood Sucker I Kill 10 Survivors 5
Blood Sucker II Kill 100 Survivors 10
Blood Sucker III Kill 500 Survivors 15
Blood Sucker IV Kill 1000 Survivors 20
Blood Sucker V Kill 2500 Survivors 25
Fits Like a Glove Purchase armor from the Gold Shop 5
Herobrine Rises! Upgrade the Herobrine perk in the Lobby Shop 10
Black Friday Kill a Survivor in the first round 5
Vampire Slayer Kill 15 Vampires in one game 10
Zombie Killer Kill 35 Zombies in one game 10
Coins4Gold Purchase Gold from the shop 5
Vampiric Mutant Purchase something from the Blood Shop 5
Bloodthirsty Have 150 Blood at once 5
Not the Survival Games Purchase food from the Gold Shop 5
Gold Digger Have 1000 Gold at once 10
Last Man Standing Be the last remaining Survivor 10
The Original Kill a Survivor with The Original Fang 5
Cash4Blood Purchase Blood from the shop 5
Bloody Bulldozer Kill 10 Survivors in one game 10
Dangerous to Go Alone Purchase a sword from the Gold Shop 5

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