"A few years ago, reports were filed claiming he appeared out of thin air to steal an artifact weapon from the ruins of an ancient location called Warlords Armory, and then dissapeared again. His origins are unknown."

Abilities Edit

Void Slash Edit

Dash forward dealing 8 damage to any enemies in your path (assuming no Void Energy).

Teleboom Edit

Teleport a short distance in front of you where you are aiming. Upon impact, you will instantly deal 8 damage to any enemies nearby (assuming no Void Energy).

Shadow Fury Edit

While Shadow Fury is active, your teleboom will be on half the cooldown and deal twice the damage. This ability lasts for 12 seconds.
Void Crawler

Void Energy Edit

Hitting enemies with melee attacks will grant you 40 void energy per hit. The damage of all attacks are increased based on how much void energy you have at multipliers of x1.1, x1.2, and x1.3. Void energy depletes at about 15-20 per second so be sure to continue hitting enemies to increase damage.

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