If you believe you were falsely banned do NOT appeal on this page. Instead, appeal on the Hypixel forums. This is a community Wiki and we have no power over bans or appeals. Click HERE to visit the appeals section of the Hypixel forums.

Reporting Edit

You can report someone by typing in one of the following commands:

  • /watchdogreport
  • /wdr

Currently, you can only report three hacks for each report. Every time you report someone, you should always report them at the official website

Well, what is /wdr and how does it work?Edit

​ /wdr stands for “Watchdog report” and was designed to make reporting players who are cheating/using blacklisted modifications faster and easier for our community. Here's how it works, when you type /wdr sends a flag to Watchdog saying something like “Hey Watchdog, Xhail123 might be cheating using PotatoAura” and watchdog is all like “Oh snaps! I will check it out” then compares the data of known cheats to the reported player's data to determine if action needs to be taken. In addition doing /wdr will notify available moderators saying “Hey Xhail123 might be cheating using PotatoAura” so they can watch the player. /wdr Also helps train Watchdog making it better at catching cheaters.

Why does /wdr not instantly ban cheaters!?!?Edit

Simply put /wdr is not a /ban tool and as said before it only tells Watchdog “Hey watch this player.” Watchdog then takes this into account with as it observes the players using YOUR input to better make a decision, sometimes it still needs to gather more data to be 100% sure.

Watchdog's System Edit

"Watchdog could be the best AntiCheat system. Watchdog is slowly improving everyday, and learning new hacks. Watchdog [sends flying entities] around to catch some sort of hack." -xTurtle - Hacking YouTuber.

There is this machine in watchdog that is like generating all this data from hackers that are are being banned, and from regular players, and it's learning, 'Hey. We take this data from this hacker, we match it up against one, two, three, four, five, maybe even six legit players that haven't been banned', and it's like 'Huh, that doesn't match, we're gonna ban this guy.' That's why bans aren't instant because they don't want you to know what you're getting banned for.

  • Why don't they want you to know what you're getting banned for?

Because then, the hacked client creator knows exactly what hack is getting them banned, and what they're probably gonna have to do to fix it and/or stop itself.

Watchdog is slowly advancing because they want time to try to overwhelm the client creators, so they can patch a trick of bypasses rather than a flood.

  • Example: Let's say we are going to use Scaffolding, and we get banned in like 2 seconds, we obviously know we are getting banned for Scaffold. The client creators may find a way to stop itself.

The more you cheat, the more players getting banned, you are giving Watchdog more data. Giving more data makes it easier to match up against Hacker data to actual legit player data, then you might not be able to cheat anymore on Hypixel. For a while, NoSlowdown didn't have to be worried about. Now, Watchdog picks up on that. Bottom line, Watchdog is improving.

Common Hack List/Way to Spot Edit

  • AntiKnockBack (AntiKB) - The hacker doesn't take any knockback
    • After Shooting/Hitting the player and the player was taking no knockback, It's most likely AntiKB.
  • KillAura (KA) - The player hits anyone that comes within a 5 block radius of the hacker.
    • Watch their combat movements. If they appear to have it on by a team member, they will attack the team member until they are out of range or toggle it off.
    • If they are hitting faster than normal players, and attacking in a certain range, that is most likely KillAura.
  • Autoclicker - After left-clicking, clicks over and over again after clicking once.
    • Although this may physically not be a hack, it can be done using software or hardware, and it can still be bannable.
    • If they are clicking faster than normal players, it is easy to spot.
  • Fly Hacks - Does this need to be explained?
  • Speed (BHop) - Lets you run faster than you normally can in Minecraft. Easy to spot.
  • Spider - Lets the hacker climb walls.

Appeal(s) Edit

With the new appeal system, you can only appeal one time a punishment and make it easier to answer questions 1 by 1.

  • In-Game Name 
  • Punishment Type 
  • Reason
    • Up to this part should be automated if you have a linked account. If not, you have to enter your Ban ID, (Given to you in-game) then it will pop up. 
  • What form of modifications or hacks were you using?
  • Have you removed them?
  • Have you been banned from Hypixel before?
  • Why should you be unbanned?
  • Do you understand and accept our server rules?

Note: Try to answer and fill out all of the questions.

Appeals sent in any other way (e.g. private message, email, on this wikia etc) will be directed back to the appeals section here with no further information. We can only deal with appeals for the server in the appeals section on the forums.


  • Prior to its release, Hypixel nicknamed it "The Beast." Was then renamed to "WatchDog"
  • During Watchdog's early phases, it only completed ban waves every 24 hours. This has been changed to much more frequent waves recently.

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