Werewolf is a Mythic type class on Hypixel Mega Walls.

Werewolf Edit

Lycanthropy: Gain speed III for (2-8) seconds. During this time, your successful melee hits will strike enemies in a 8-block radius for 6 HP of true damage. You heal for 40% of the direct melee damage you deal.

Blood Lust: Gain Speed III and Resistance IV for (2-10) seconds after landing any combination of 3 consecutive melee or bow hits without taking damage yourself.

Devour: Eating steak has a (20-100%) chance to give Regeneration 1 for 5 seconds.

Kit: Level I: Iron sword Unbreaking X & 1 steak.

Level IX: Diamond sword Unbreaking X, Diamond Chestplate Unbreaking X, Potion of Heal 8 Hearts, 3x Potions of Speed II & Jump V, 4x Steak.

Gathering: Chance for enemy to drop 1 steak upon kill and 4 steaks upon final kill, 20%-100%