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Zombies is a prototype game where you and three other players' goal is to survive a zombie apocalypse. Throughout the map, there are rooms, which have different upgrades, machines and windows everywhere. You can unlock upgrades and machines by flicking the "Power Switch" in the Power Station, which costs 1000 gold. The windows are spots in the wall with wooden slabs where zombies can spawn. The game progressively gets harder. At the start of the game, everybody gets a knife and a pistol. Zombies will break through windows when they spawn. Windows can be repaired by holding your sneak key, unless there are zombies near the window or if you stray too far. Repairing windows give you 10 Gold per wooden slab repaired, or 20 Gold if the Double Gold powerup is in effect. You can use gold to get to certain areas, upgrade weapons, get more defense, etc.

Gameplay Edit

Zombies Edit

  • Zombie - Basic Zombie. Has weak defense and Power. Gets better armor and weapons when proceeding.
    • Order of armor: Leather boots, Wooden axe -> Leather boots and Leggings and chest plate, gains stone axe (round 2-ish) -> Chainmail chest plate (round 5-ish) -> Chainmail chest plate and leggings -> Chainmail chest plate, leggings, and boots, gains iron axe -> Iron chest plate, Chainmail leggings and boots -> Iron chest plate and leggings, Chainmail boots -> Full Iron (except for helmet)
  • Zombie Wolf - Faster than most zombies, but has weaker power. It is an angry wolf. Note that wolves have more health in this game than wolves in vanilla Minecraft.
  • Zombie Pigmen - Slightly Faster than most zombies, has full gold armor (except a helmet) and carries a golden sword. It is a zombie pigmen with armor on, and is hostile to all players.
  • Lil' Bombie - A zombie that explodes when killed. It is a baby zombie with a TNT head. Note that Lil' Bombies have lower health in this game than baby zombies in vanilla Minecraft.
  • Empowered Zombie - Reddish-Pink Armor and has smoke particles coming out of his head. Appears around round 6-ish. Slightly faster than most other zombies.
    • Order of weaponry: Diamond axe -> Diamond Sword
  • Bombie - The first Zombies boss. It explodes every [Approximately, Unconfirmed] 2 seconds.
  • Fire Zombie - Zombie that his attacks light you on fire. Has orange armor, and carries a blaze rod.
  • Magma Cube Zombie - A zombie that spawns three Magma Cubes when killed. He has orange-yellow armor, a golden sword and a magma cube on his head. The Magma Cubes do not give you gold, and they have less than 6 hp, so they can be one-shotted by most guns.
  • Blazes - A blaze that spawns. It's basically a normal blaze that does not fly unless provoked. 4 spawn in Power Station at round 15.
  • Inferno - The second Zombies boss. It is a Blaze that leaves a trail of fire when moving.
  • Skeleton - Has a bow. Is the first one to have ranged damage. Head looks like that of a Stray.
  • Enderman Zombie - A zombie that spawns an Endermite when killed.
  • Guardian Zombie - Zombies that have access to range with Guardian Lasers.
  • Broodmother - The final boss.

Perks Edit

  • Insta-Kill (10-Sec) - Instantly kills in one hit.
  • Max Ammo - Reloads your gun and refills your ammo in the XP bar
  • Double Gold (30-Sec) - Grants double the gold.

Machines Edit

  • Ultimate Weapon (1500 Gold, found in Garden) - Upgrades your weapon
  • Flame Bullets (750 Gold, found in Hotel) - Lights enemies on fire
  • Frozen Bullets (1000 Gold, found in Hotel) - Makes enemies freeze
  • Speed (500 Gold, found in Gallery) - Gives you Speed I permanently (until you die)
  • Fast Revive (500 Gold, found in Spawn - Revives faster
  • Fast-Fire (1000 Gold, found in Apartments) - Increase fire rate by about 25%
  • Extra Health (1000 Gold, found in Rooftop) - Increase HP by 5 hearts
  • Extra Weapon (1500 Gold, found in Office) - Get third weapon slot
  • Team Machine (In rooftop)
    • Refills all ammo clips for all players - 1000 Gold
    • Revives all dead and downed players, and heals everyone - 2000 Gold
    • Dragons Breath - Kills all zombies in a 15 block radius of every player after a short delay - 3000 Gold

Armor Edit

  • Leather Helmet and Chestplate [150 Gold] [Hotel]
  • Leather Leggings and Boots [100 Gold] [Office]
  • Gold Helmet and Chestplate [500 Gold] [Gallery]
  • Iron Helmet and Chestplate [800 Gold] [Rooftop]
  • Iron Leggings and Boots [700 Gold] [Apartments]

Weapons Edit

Weapon Damage Ammo Ammo Clip Size Fire Rate Reload Time Misc. Notes
Knife 6 0.5-ish N/A With upgrade you get Smite II
Pistol 6 300 10 0.5 1.5
Upgraded Pistol 6 360 12 or 15 0.4 1.0s Bursts two at once.
Rifle 4.5 256 32 0.2s 1.5s WARNING: Hit registration can glitch.
Upgraded Rifle TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD
Shotgun 6.5 65 5 1.4 1.5 Sprays multiple bullets
Upgraded Shotgun 6.5 80 5 1.0s 1.0s Sprays multiple bullets
Rocket Launcher 20 20 4 2.0s 3.0s Area of Effect (explosion)
Upgraded Rocket Launcher 25 32 4 1.5s 2.0s Area of Effect (explosion)
Sniper 30 40 4 1.5s 1.5s Pierces if Headshot (3 zombies)
Upgraded Sniper 30-ish 60-ish 5 1.5s 1s Pierces if Headshot (4-5 zombies)
Elder Gun TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD Pierces, can only be achieved using weapons chest
Flame Thrower 2 350 50 0.1s 3.0s Lights things on Fire.

Not very effected against Fire or Magma Zombies.

Can only be retrieved using weapons chest

Zombie Soaker 4 256 32 0.3s 1.5s WARNING: Hit registration for this gun can glitch. Really strong against Fire or Magma Zombies, can only be retrieved using weapons chest.


  • Right-Click to shoot.
  • Left-Click to reload.
  • Hold Sneak to repair windows and revive teammates
  • Right-Click to use Machines and Weapon shops

Map Layout Edit

  • Spawn [4 Windows]
  • Office [3 Windows] [500 Gold]
  • Gallery [3 Windows] [750 Gold]
  • Power Station [3 Windows] [1000 Gold]
  • Rooftop [4 Windows] [1250 Gold]
  • Power Station [3 Windows] [1000 Gold]
  • Apartments [4 Windows] [750 Gold]
  • Hotel [6 Windows] [750 Gold]
    • Garden [3 Windows] [750 Gold]
  • Spawn [4 Windows]

Gamemodes Edit

  • Story Mode (Normal)
  • Story Mode (Hard)
  • Story Mode (RIP)
  • Endless Mode (Normal)
  • Endless Mode (Hard)
  • Endless Mode (RIP)


Tips and Tricks Edit

  • Sticking together will be the best option as all the firepower is centered in one room. (This could be useful when in boss battles)
  • Focus on your armor and weapons first. Machine perks can be lost on Death, but armor and weapons are kept.
  • Activate the Power Station if possible, it can be very useful.

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