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Zombies is a prototype gamemode where you and three other players's goal is to survive a zombie apocalypse. The game progressively gets harder. At the start of the game, everybody gets a knife and a pistol. Zombies will break through windows when they spawn. Windows can be repaired by holding your sneak key. You can use gold to get to certain areas, upgrade weapons, get more defense, etc.

Zombie List Edit

  • Zombie - Basic Zombie. Has weak defense and Power
  • Zombie Guard Dogs - Faster than most zombies, but has weak power.
  • Bombie - Same as regular zombie, but explodes when killed.
  • Empowered Zombie - Pink Armor and has smoke out of his head. Strong power.
  • Fire Zombie - Zombie that sets fire.
  • Magma Cube Zombie - Same as regular zombie, but after killed, spawns a magma cube.

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